Gibbs, Edward. Little Bee. Book Review.

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It may take several readings for a young toddler to understand that this board book is a circular story. It follows the pattern of The Stonecutter and the Mountain. The board book begins with a little bee fleeing for its life. It is being chased by a hungry frog. But then we see the frog running away from a scary snake. The snake is being chased by the mean mongoose who is being chased by the fierce lion who is being chased by the big hunter who is being chased by the little bee.

The illustrations are full color double page spreads. The backgrounds are composed of digitally created foliage. The foregrounds contain pen and ink drawings with watercolor fill in. The animals expressions are vivid and clear. On the cover is a small bee with three-dimensional fabric wings.

Toddlers will soon be able to predict who is chasing who. They will love the change of expression on each creature from hunter to hunted. The ending is delightful and humorous. The book is fast-paced; each page contains only one sentence. The sentences have a repetitive pattern much like “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Eric Carle. This book will quickly become a favorite.


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