Soli, Tatjana. The Last Good Paradise. Book Review.

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This book features a varied cast of characters on a remote, expensive tropical resort for different reasons. Ann and her husband Richard are fleeing possible bankruptcy. Richard and his friend/partner in opening a new restaurant have put themselves in debt to the wrong kind of people. Ann is burned out by her success as a cutthroat lawyer. The relationship has become strained due to the financial and emotional cost of trying to get pregnant.

There is also a rock star and his muse, a Casanova resort owner, and his staff. All are changed from mild to major ways by their experiences together. Most gain better insight into themselves and the people they love.
Although the characters and plot line were interesting, it was difficult to get close to anyone. The point of view head hopped from one paragraph to another, always keeping a distant, omnipotent voice. The storyline took some unexpected twists and I was unable to predict the outcome.

There were interesting insights into the human psyche. Periodically, Soli wrote a truth that brought the reader to a pause. “He didn’t know her well enough to say that in his experience what people left behind ended up being much less important than they thought. It was a kind of ego, imagining one’s life irreplaceable and unique.”

Unfortunately, it was not the kind of book that sticks in the reader’s mind or even compels them to recommend it to friends. A generally enjoyable read.


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