Merk and Martell. Nowadays. Book Review.

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I seldom read graphic novels but I used to be a huge fan of comic books so I enjoy picking up one now and then. Nowadays grabbed my attention because it was written and illustrated by two local authors and featured locations around my community, Thunder Bay. Considering how much financial support the creators received to publish this book, I was a little daunted at the cost but realized that full-color illustrations on glossy paper is pricey. Unfortunately after reading this book, I don’t think I would pay that much for a second.

The artwork was an interesting combination of full-color drawings, black-and-white sketches, and merged Photoshopped photography of Northwestern Ontario scenes. I did find there was a wide variation in the quality of the artwork.

However, it was the story that disappointed me. I do love a good zombie book or movie. I like that the authors try to make their zombies unusual in that they could speak plainly, think clearly, and rationalize their behavior. As with most horror stories, plot was rather thin. While it is unfair to compare a short book with something the scope of The Walking Dead, I do feel the characterization was superficial and I didn’t really care what happened to anyone. The story jumped around quite a bit and at times it was difficult to follow. Periodically the reader was expected to follow events showing only by graphics, which didn’t always work. I also found the dialogue occasionally stilted, unrealistic, and inconsistent.

Sadly, I can only recommend this book as a quirky little gorefest.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages



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