Stower, Adam. Naughty Kitty! Book Review.

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On the inside cover of this book, we see as double-page spread of ads, mail, and newspaper clippings that inform us of a local pet shop and a striped wild animal’s escape from the zoo. On the title page, is a cat carrier with the tag reading “sold”.

The story begins with little Lily bringing home her tiny gray kitten from the pet store. She plays with it and feeds itl deciding “he wasn’t any trouble at all.” When she leaves the room, an escaped tiger enters and eats eight fish sticks, all the cookies, plums, pickles, Mom’s pink party cake, Dad’s pork chop, the orange pop, 2 teaspoons, and a dirty sponge”. Lily’s scolds the kitten, assuming he has done all the damage. All day the tiger causes chaos and the kitten is blamed. When the mean dog next door threatens Lily and her kitten, the tiger inadvertently scares it away. Again Lily attributes this behavior to her little gray kitten. The last picture is a double page spread of all the animals that have escaped from the zoo.

On the inside back cover are two news articles. One tells us that an elderly lady with thick glasses is overjoyed by the return of her long lost cat, who after thirty years has grown quite large. The other article explains the escape of all the animals in the zoo.

This is a clever, fun book for children. The humorous pictures accompanied by the plot of mistaken identity are sure to draw laughs. Any child who’s been blamed for something he didn’t do will identify with the poor little kitten. The reader is sure to feel empathy for the blameless kitten.

Clever use of the words “catastrophe”, “revolting”, and “cozy snuggle” will expand the child’s vocabulary. Charming and hilarious, I heartily recommend this amusing book.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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