The Brothers. Leo- Superhero, A Sunday Morning Adventure. Book Review.

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This is a sweet story of a little boy who likes to pretend he is a superhero. His cat alerts him that a mouse is in the kitchen. Instead of killing it, Leo problem solves and captures it alive. He takes it outside and releases it to the mouse family.

The illustrations are cute and bright although it is obvious that some head shots are copied from one page to the other. Also, Leo’s expression seems to be a constant grin. The mouse hole in the wall is far too large.

There was one typo that should be corrected, “someone in creeping up to Leo’s room”.

The biggest problem with the story is the excessive wordiness. It could easily be shortened by half. The author has a habit of saying the same thing twice, for example “It is dark. Leo can’t see a thing.” “How did this little mouse get here?” he wonders. “Milkshake, do you know how this little mouse got here?” he asked. The author also includes details that are unnecessary to the story such as opening with “This is Leo. Leo is seven years old and he lives in a two-story house with his parents, his younger sister and Milkshake the cat.” We never meet his parents or sister again (except in the illustration on this page )so introducing them is unnecessary. On the very next page it reads, “it’s Milkshake the cat.” so it wasn’t necessary to introduce the cat on the first page either. In fact, telling the reader it’s a cat is also unnecessary since we can see that from the illustration.

Leo’s “superhero outfit includes Lego gloves, a motorcycle helmet and a baseball bat.” The baseball bat seems rather menacing. Perhaps Leo could use a toy weapon instead.

With another edit, this picture book could easily move up in ratings.


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