Garland, Sally Anne. Share. Book Review.

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The characters in this picture book are line drawn anthropomorphized rabbits. The older rabbit tries to share everything with her smaller cousin as encouraged by her mother. He pulls her teddy bear out of shape, bounces on her bed, breaks her bead necklace, wiggles incessantly while she tries to read, blocks her view of the television, scribbles on her picture, and smashes her plate. Her mother explains that her cousin wants to be just like the older rabbit. When it is time for the little rabbit to leave, he hugs her and says, “thank you”. After, she sort of misses him.

The story is engaging. Many children will be able to relate to the frustrated older rabbit and how difficult it is to share with someone who doesn’t use things the same way.

Pictures are line drawings combined with paint. The words appear within the one or two page illustrations. Important phrases are typed in bold letters. The only area that needed improvement was syllabication of the rhymes. The beat was lost on occasion.

This would be a lovely book to read to a child who is expected to share with a younger relative or friend.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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