Bellefontaine, Kim. Canada 123. Illustrated by Per-Henrik Gurth. Book Review.

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This is a counting book. Each page features a vivid double spread of a Canadian theme representing the featured number. The book goes from 1 to 10.

The first page shows a moose, a beaver, and a bear playing in the fallen autumn leaves. The text reads, “one maple leaf blowing in the wind.” as a large maple leaf sails through the air. Through the book we see polar bears playing in the snow, an inukshuk, totem poles, forest animals downhill skiing, animals harvesting crops, animals canoeing, animals playing hockey on a pond, wolves howling at the moon, fishing boats, and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer marching past the parliament buildings with tulips in the foreground.

The illustrations are heavily outlined in black. They feature solidly coloured cartoon characters similar to Ted Harrison’s illustrations but simpler and bolder. This is a perfect book for toddlers, Canadian or not.


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