Gomi, Taro. Mommy! Mommy! Book Review.

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It isn’t very often that my one and a half-year-old granddaughter latches onto a book as strongly as she did this one. I suspect she instantly identified with the two little chicks who were looking for their mommy. Whenever mommy goes away, chicks and toddlers are concerned.

The story is simple but suspenseful. The first page shows two little chicks by a fence calling, “Mommy! Mommy!” The second page shows the hen appearing and saying, “here I am!” The story continues on this theme with mommy being trickier to find. At one point they mistake the top of a flower behind a hedge for her red crown. On another, they mistake a fox behind rocks for their mother. In the end, they find mother on the barn roof and she tells them it’s time to go home.

It is a short board book. The pictures are ultra simple blobs with big eyes that somehow still convey emotion. It took a while to figure out the bumpy blotch with teeth was a fox. However, I like books with uncomplicated illustrations. They help to build the confidence of budding little artists.

The story is humorous, surprising, and engaging. Every child wants the chicks to find their mother and be safe from the fox. After the third reading, my one and a half-year-old granddaughter began “reading” the book with me. It isn’t easy finding fun books that will hold the attention of the youngest reader. I loved this book.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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