Rohmann, Eric. My Friend Rabbit. Book Review.

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This is a humorous, charming board book for children aged 1 to 5. Several of the pages are wordless. The animals’ expressions convey quite clearly how they feel about what is happening. Even toddlers will delight in the funny illustrations.

Rabbit puts his friend, the mouse, who is also the narrator, into a small plane and propels him into the air. The airplane gets stuck in a tree. The mouse drags an elephant, rhino, hippo, deer, alligator, bear, goose, and squirrel to help. He then piles them, not quite from largest to smallest, and climbs on the top holding out the mouse to get the airplane. Of course, all the animals collapse in a disgruntled heap. Mouse comes to rabbit’s rescue by whisking him away with the airplane, which is now free. The airplane loops around and then gets stuck back in the tree.

Children will enjoy discussing Rabbit’ poor decisions as well as the different responses from Mouse and the other animals.


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