Pandell, Karen. I Love You Baby from Head to Toe! Illustrated by Jane Cowen-Fletcher.

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What a beautiful book! From the soft, glowing, exquisite illustrations to the engaging, warm words, toddlers and parents alike will love this book.

There is one sentence about a baby’s body part and one double spread illustration on each page of this board book. It begins “Babies eyes shine like stars.” The accompanying illustration focuses on the large, gorgeous eyes of a baby of African descent. In the background are stars hanging from a mobile and decorating a bedspread. The second page says “Baby’s nose is as round as a button.” Sitting on mother’s lap, a baby examines the button on his shirt. This pattern continues allowing the reader to point out the similarities between the baby’s body parts and the object to which it is being compared. The last page shows a mother and child widely smiling and looking into each other’s eyes. The words are “I love you, baby, from head to toe!”

Some pages have the baby alone and some have the baby with mother. Each child is different and there is a variety of races and ethnicities represented. The contentment and love are apparent in every illustration. Neither parent nor child will grow tired of reading this gentle, gorgeous book.

This would make an excellent first book for a toddler.


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