Hundal, Nancy. Twilight Fairies. Illustrated by Don Kilby.

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A magical book, Twilight Fairies captivates the reader. Miranda wants a garden birthday party in the evening. Not only does she invite her friends, but she invites the fairies that she believes come out after dark. Her mother and brother support her wish but remind her that the fairies may not come. As they prepare for the party, the reader hopes Miranda is not disappointed.

The language in this book has a poetic beauty, “But with the twilight came the garden fairies, creeping out to frolic in shadow, rub sleepy dust from crinkly eyes, and prepare for the mischief and magic of deepest night. They loved the raindrops, tickling… trickling over their long, spiky hair, past pointy ears and chins… and the breezy summer nights, cobwebs swaying, flowers waltzing, windstruck like the fairies.”

The illustrations by Don Kilby capture the enchanting story perfectly. There are full color paintings of the garden, fairies, and family, real enough to step off the page. The most exquisite picture is of the decorations at twilight waiting for the birthday guests to come and dance and play in the dark, magical garden. The fairies are not your typical Tinker Bell or sultry multicolored creatures. Kilby chooses to make them pale blue gray, the color of water, stars, and twilight. They seem all the more mysterious and enchanting as a result.

At the end of the book, we are left with the impression that this is a glimpse of a memoir. Don’t be surprised if, after reading this, your little girl wants to have an evening garden party.


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