Pechter, Lesley Wynne. Alligator Bear Crab A Baby’s ABC. Book Review.

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It is difficult to find picture books that will interest the very young toddler. I was pleased to learn that Alligator Bear Crab A Babies ABC was simple enough to engage my fifteen-month-old granddaughter. This is a board book with a simple picture and a word on each page. Every animal is painted with simple lines and minimal detail. Each letter is represented by an animal, some straightforward, D deer, and some unusual, U urchin.

The drawings have a sweet, engaging feel. Although the alligator has a long snout filled with teeth, he also wears a smile. The frog is filled with joi de vive. The koala bear cocks his head with interest. The moose has a goofy grin. The Raven seems as though he has fallen on his bottom. The vole is adorable. Y is delightfully represented by a picture of a baby for “you”.

Toddlers will enjoy finding the feet, tongues, tails, nose, ears, eyes, and mouths of all the animals. Adults can also discuss color and the emotion shown in the pictures.

A great book to interest your toddler in reading.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages



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