Big Blue Books Limited. Princess Stories. Book Review.

The cover is an explosion of cuteness, pinkness, and sparkliness.

The double page spread makes the text too small for display on a Kindle.

The first story, One Sweet Treat, falls into the trap of passive writing. “Princess Katie was watching Cook…” should be Princess Katie watched Cook and “when the cook had gone out.” should be when the cook left. Passive verb tense slows down the story and creates distance between the text and the reader.

The gist of the first story is that Katie eats all the cupcakes when Cook is out of the room and makes herself sick. Cook makes her bake new ones. Even though they are delicious, Katie says “No thanks” when offered one because she’s had enough for one day.

The second story, Beatrice the Ballerina, is even less exciting. Beatrice gets her mother’s attention by performing a dance on stage accompanied by the musicians. I did not read any more stories.

The illustrations are full-page pastel drawings with great detail. There is an old-fashioned touch to them, but this suits the stories.

I couldn’t see a child reading this book more than once. The first two stories were flat and predictable. The cover promised “with seven magical tales.” Definitely misleading.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages



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