Hall, Ryann. Not Another Rainy Day. Illustrated by Inga Shalvashili. Book Review.

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The pictures are lovely full-page illustrations. On the Kindle, a few were distorted. The three night pictures were too difficult to see behind smudges of black. The illustrator varied the perspective and showed the emotions of the characters quite well.

The story is about a little girl, Kayleigh, who is bored because all it does in spring is rain. The text relates all the things she can do on a rainy day and mother tells her to be patient because summer is coming. The boredom is obvious, but the reader should not be bored as well. I think the story needed something interesting or exciting to happen. It seems like a story a parent would write for their child and not one suitable for publication.

Unfortunately, Ryann Hall makes a common mistake and tries to rhyme the text. It falls flat. The pages become over wordy and awkward. This is, yet another book, that would have been much better written in straight prose.


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