Raz-Nave, Meytal. Hilly Colors Her Dreams. Illustrated by Shany Golan. Book Review.

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The idea for this story was delightful. Every night the little girl, Hilly, dreams in a new color. At the end, the meanings of colors, as they relate to chakras, are explained.

“The story articulates the wonders of Guided Affective Imagery and is based on the seven main wheels of energy (Chakras). Children reading this story or listening to it, sail away with their imagination into an expanse of colors from which they create an enchanted emotional world, filled with inner serenity and tranquility.”

Shany Golan’s pictures were bright and engaging. Hilly was a dynamic character in her imagined adventures.
Unfortunately, Raz-Nave made a common mistake of trying to write in rhyme. As a result, the prose jerks along distracting the reader from the story. There were also far too many words on a page. If Raz-Nave removed the rhyming, the work would flow much better.


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