Lenane, Kirstin. Cookies: A Tale of Friendship. Book Review.

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This is a delightfully funny book. The pictures are extremely simplistic but the characters manage to come alive anyway. When a new neighbor moves in, Frog and Pickles disguise themselves as interesting people and go to meet them. Over the summer, they create a broad cast of characters who visit Vernon and his father. Bernie’s cheered up considerably by their visits and no longer dreads starting school in September. On the last page, Frog and Pickles dress as crocodiles and head to Vernon’s house.

Even though the pictures seem suited for a 3 to 5-year-old, the vocabulary is for a much older child: intriguing, naturally, curious, ordinary, introduced, Bavaria, transfixed, characters, deported, immigration, familiar, unfortunate, disguise, and potential.

At some points, the story wanders and sometimes it slows down. It tends to be quite wordy. However, I think parents and children alike will get a giggle out of Frog and Pickle’s escapades.


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