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This month I’ve written about receiving an angry letter requesting that I change a review and a rating I had written on a picture book. I also posted a link to an article written about a reviewer who had been attacked with a wine bottle so badly that she required an ambulance and stitches. It seems to be a theme for October.

I’m pretty sure I just received my first revenge review. Rumpelstiltskin’s Child has been receiving positive reviews. While it is not impossible that someone might dislike it enough to give it one star rating, the review itself did not seem real.

Snow Elf wrote “Honestly so bad that I felt embarrassed to have picked it up. It’s a joke!”. There is no indication at all about why it’s a joke and no comments on the content at all.

Another red flag is the fact that Snow Elf has only written one review, this one. He or she is from San Diego USA. I have given a two star review this month to an author from that area.

Who knows? Maybe it was an honest opinion. Maybe I’m just getting paranoid. I’m not sure if I should hope it’s the real thing and someone actually hated my work so much they were almost speechless, or someone just wanted to get back at me for a bad review of their work. Next thing you know I’ll be flinching every time I see someone carrying a bottle of wine.

Here’s a link to a complete preview of the book. 

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages



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