Amon, Uncle. Bird Jokes! Funny Bird Jokes for Kids. Book Review.

Click here to buy Bird Jokes: Funny Bird Jokes for Kids (Funny Kid Jokes) (Volume 2)

I don’t think the subtitle was necessary. We assume that jokes are funny, it already said bird jokes in the title, and they’re quite likely for kids. I’m also not thrilled with the book that was written by uncle somebody. These days a stranger calling himself your uncle is a little creepy.

There are number of books with a similar format. Each page holds one or two question-and-answer jokes for an approximate total of 55 jokes. These are groaners that most young children will enjoy. A few cartoon illustrations of birds are repeated throughout the book.

The book includes a suggestion to join uncle Amon’s book club and receive 3 free children’s e-books, games and free coloring book downloads, insider access, monthly downloads, reading tips, and more.

At a cost of $ 0.98, I recommend this book.


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