Yu, Michael. How to Catch a Monster. Book Review.

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The story is about Eric, a little boy who resists going to bed. His mother convinces him that if he leaves out cookies and does a special chant, a monster will come and play with him. Eric becomes compliant and gets to play with a monster. In the end, Eric lets it slip that he knows his daddy is the monster. But the game continues anyway.

The story is clever, warm, and intriguing. Children will be curious to learn where the monster came from. The ending is satisfying and logical.

The illustrations are great, full-page, bright and quite three-dimensional. The characters have expressive bodies and faces.

Unfortunately, the author has a habit of showing and then telling, sometimes even things that were also showing in the picture. For example: “Eric asked excitedly, jumping up and down.” This overwriting slows down the pace of an otherwise perfect book.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages



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