Carmi, Tali. Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg. Book Review.

My first impression was that this would be a cute book from the cartoon illustration of the little boy on the first page. But then I started to read, awkward, broken rhyming and dis-jointed, confusing sentence structure.

“For one little boy, this summer was going to be really exciting!
He and his whole family were going out to do some camping!
This little boy is five years old, and big trees he loves to climb!
His special name is Terry Treetop since it is his favorite pastime!
Terry is very cute and chubby. He has freckles and on his clothes
with patches over rips and tears because always up the tree he goes.”

Also I would never recommend a picture book that calls a child chubby.

The vocabulary is not suited to a rhyming book such as curiously, vowed, binoculars, concern, and gratitude.

The story itself is quite interesting. Terry finds an egg and asks numerous animals if it belongs to them. Each animal shares information about themselves and their eggs. I did wonder why a hen was in a meadow and not on a farm. It has a sweet ending and I would love to recommend it but the writing is just too awkward.

I would strongly recommend the second edition without rhyming. Good rhyming is one of the most difficult things to write and it’s absolutely unnecessary in a children’s book.



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