Cote, Genevieve. Bob’s Hungry Ghost. Book Review.


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Cote’s drawings are cute and straightforward. They are a mixture of double-page spreads and two drawings on a page seemingly done with pastels and watercolor on textured paper. She manages to effectively convey emotion with simple lines.

Bob gets a ghost for his birthday but is disappointed. The ghost won’t behave like a dog. Feeling shunned, Fluffy, the ghost, becomes bored and eats everything in the house. Eventually, fluffy also eats Bob. While reading a book inside Fluffy’s stomach, Bob realizes that ghosts are special. Now that Fluffy has no one or nothing to play with, he realizes he misses Bob. The ghost spits out Bob and all his furniture. They become friends and play together.

I suppose the message is that we must like people for who they are and not to the we want them to be. Even with differences, we can find ways to share and enjoy each other’s company. However, I found the idea of a ghost eating a child a little disturbing and wonder for what age this book is supposed to be targeted. The pictures and the simplistic plot seem suited for age 3 to 6. However, some children may find the child eating ghost upsetting. There is no indication where this ghost came from or what it is, questions a child is sure to ask. While I liked the illustrations, I found the story line disappointing and uncomfortable. Perhaps the story would have benefited from more humor and a lighter touch.

A free copy of this book was given to me in return for an honest review.


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