Factly, IP. 101 Farmyard Jokes for Kids. Book Review.

Included in this e-book was also 101 Creepy Crawly Jokes for Kids and 101 Animal Jokes for Kids. In the farmyard book, the same simple cartoon picture of a cow appears on every page but in the other two, six different pictures are repeated through the book.

These are standard traditional jokes everyone over the age of ten has heard, such as: Where does 500 pound gorilla sit? Whatever he wants. There are two jokes on every page. Every joke takes the form of a question and answer.

While there’s nothing original here, younger kids will still love these books. What’s old to adults is new to kids. Be prepared to be pestered with questions.

Since there are numerous sites were similar jokes can be found for free, I wouldn’t pay more than a couple of dollars for this book.



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