Temara Moore. “Bloop Bloop” Goes the Poop. Illustrated by Brian Isham. Book Review.

This is a book for parents to read to toddlers who are toilet training. It depicts a scene where a little boy uses the toilet on his own.

Unfortunately, Moore is one of those writers who wants to write in rhyme but doesn’t actually pull it off. It starts out quite promising:
“If you’re playing cars and trucks and your tummy gets the rumbles,
there is a place that you can go to help those tummy grumbles!”

But then it loses the rhythm and beat:
“Leave the toys where they are, they will be there when you get back; (I don’t know why this ends with a semicolon.)
Where should you go? Oh, no! Oh, no!
Maybe behind the door, under blankie, or somewhere out of sight?
Oh, no! Oh, no! That just wouldn’t be right!”

It was nice to see a book with a family of African descent. These are still not as prevalent as they should be. The tone was cheerful and encouraging. The illustrations were fine although I didn’t like the bug eyes on everyone.

It wasn’t a terrible book but I recommend you look for a better one on the topic of toilet training.


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