Hawkins, Rea. Boys Can Dance Too. Book Review.

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Lucas wants to learn to dance but he’s afraid his friend, Jack, and others will laugh at him. Nevertheless he takes lessons and decides to perform at an assembly. His break dancing is excellent and everyone, including Jack, loves it.

The illustrations are simple drawings colored with marker but they work well with the story. The text, on the other hand, has some problems. The vocabulary does not go with the simple illustrations. For example, Hawkins uses words such as sniggered, mesmerized, effortlessly, corridor, chomping, and possessed. The illustrations seem suited to grade 1 to 3 but the environment and vocabulary seems suited for older children. The students in the story appear to be junior high age. The story itself is simplistic and suited for younger children.

The message, be true to yourself, is a good one. But, I don’t think the target age is clear.


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