Kempa, Maura. Calling HONEYBEES: More Honey Is Needed! A Kids Book About Honeybees And How They Make Honey. Book Review.

It never bodes well when there are capitalization errors and a spelling mistake in the title of a book. Because this topic is timely and important, I hoped the interior would be better edited. Unfortunately, on the second page, we have conversation between a queen bee and a worker bee. It is written all in one paragraph with no quotation marks or speaker identification.

There is a lot of filler throughout the text. Comments like, “sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well, let’s see what you think after we explain what each part of our body does. We think you will be amazed!” Throughout the book, there are punctuation and capitalization errors. Illustrations are a mixture of styles of drawings and photographs. It seems as though they were collected from various online sources.

The information is thorough and interesting, but unnecessarily wordy. The word count could have been trimmed by half and then the text would have flowed better.

Although the book contained numerous details on a bee’s body structure and the process of making honey, it did not mention anything about the causes of the population decimation.

As a resource for research, this book could be useful if supplemented by other materials. As a book read for interest, it needed a comprehensive edit. It was NOT ready for market.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages



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