Rosentreter, Sibil-Nixie. The Little Cow Learns How to Ride a Scooter. Book Review.

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This book appears to be translated from another language, possibly German. That may be why the rhythm seems a little off now and then.

The illustrations are a fabulous mixture of paint and cut paper, bright and original. I like the way the author varies the layout.

Little cow gets a scooter. She keeps falling and hurting herself. She is about to quit when a small bird coaxes her to try again. I didn’t understand why Little Cow had to always go so fast. Perhaps the bird could have told her to start out slower. It was also odd that some parts were in rhyme and some in prose.

There were some formatting errors with regard to quotation marks and the text read “That strings!” Instead of “That stings!”

The vocabulary was a little high at times, such as “lose my poise”.

This is a straight out lesson book but it is done with humor and charm. It takes practice and determination to master something new. Everyone falls down when they first start.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages



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