Fitch, Sheree. Pocket Rocks. Illustrated by Helen Flook. Book Review.

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This is the story of a little boy who struggles in school. No matter how much he concentrates, printing is too difficult. He begins a rock collection which helps him to use his imagination to take him mentally away from school. The rocks are his solace. Unfortunately, when his pockets become too heavy, his pants fell down in front of the whole class. A storyteller comes to the classroom. He also collects rocks. This gives the boy the courage to tell his story. Afterward, he spells his name with rocks.

Although I love the idea of the story, I found the text lengthy and the narration jumpy. I think a child who struggles with school would probably still enjoy it but might find it too long and wordy. I was disappointed with the editing. A book that is meant to appeal to a child who struggles in school, should have crisp, fast-paced narration.

The pictures, done by Helen Flook, are bright and eventful, mostly two-page spreads. Insights into the child’s imagination are especially engaging.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages



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