Vujijic, Nick. Stand Strong: You Can Overcome Bullying (and Other Stuff That Keeps You Down). Book Review.

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Nick is a man who understands what it’s like to feel helpless in the face of bullies. He was born without arms and legs. He faltered for a while, hanging with a gang of tough kids who did not share his values or interests, in order to feel safe. Eventually he realized he was not being true to himself and developed astep-by-step strategy for dealing with bullies. This enabled him to complete high school and go on to a successful life with the wife, child, and fulfilling career.

At the basis of his strategy is a strong belief in God and faith in the teachings of Jesus Christ. This religious viewpoint increases as the book goes on. Nevertheless, if you are not a Christian, you will still find useful advice.

He explains how to make yourself emotionally strong so as not to internalize the cruel comments of bullies. He discusses support systems and how to build them and the importance of at least one good friend. Cyber bullying is examined and the ways to prevent or deal with it. Nick describes how to keep yourself safe from bullies who might want to physically harm you.

Nick’s positive, life affirming attitude is proof that there are ways to fight becoming a victim. In a time where bullying has gone global through the Internet, young people need help and support more than ever. Whether you are Christian or not, you will find this book a useful tool for discussion or personal reading.


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