Which cover do you like best?

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I’ve received a truck load of conflicting advice on my new Rumpelstiltskin cover.

What if Rumplestiltskin had a bum rap? Sure, he tried to take the queen’s baby, but a deal is a deal. Besides, he even gave her the opportunity to renege on their agreement. Plus, he never sought revenge, but allowed her to live happily ever after. Maybe there’s a whole lot more to his story than people know. A story about the importance of kindness. The elaborate illustrations are inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of medieval times. The reading level is third grade and up but younger children will enjoy hearing the dramatic, humorous, and touching story. A book for all ages. The story is followed by discussion questions for parents and teachers.

Which of these do you like best?

rumpel cover 17

baby with flowers.


rumpel cover 16

baby on flag.


rumpel cover 15

Golden straw.

Fonts can be switched around.

Some people have suggested a fourth option. Both.
rumpel cover 18

rumpel cover 19

rumpel cover 20

rumpel cover 21


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32 thoughts on “Which cover do you like best?

  1. I’m a minimalist when it comes to book covers. I want to look at the cover & automatically see what its about. So, that’s why I don’t like the flower border one. I also think a child on the cover tells me what the book is about more than the golden straw.


  2. Hello – an opinion – the lettering on the pink one is not easily readable. The gold – the sheaf is not something a child would understand or relate to. It, however is not bad looking. I am sorry to say that I think the drawing – the faces on the children is amateurish. The one to the right of this post is better than any, but the elf or gnome is very primitive compared to the other figures. Sorry to be so unkind, but sometimes honesty is best.


  3. The flowery border design – no.
    Rumpelstiltskin will mean nothing to most children today, so the lone baby, no.
    The bundle of straw with the child Could attract a child’s attention, and were I the designer I would have made it less ‘gold’ and more straw in colour, and almost filling the cover with child centered in front of it. By enlarging the straw, more detail could be shown.


  4. Originally I liked the one with the straw but now perhaps the one with the child and the straw in the foreground. Difficult choice.


  5. I don’t think either of your images fit with the title very well. I prefer the gold surround and fancy writing for a fairy tale but think you need a better image for the centre. The baby image looks too modern and the straw image doesn’t link with the title. Sorry to be so negative, but you want an image that will appeal to children. What is the story about? Maybe work from that.


  6. HI Bonnie, for what it’s worth I am both an author and illustrator. Each of your covers has pros and cons. They all share similarities that I would like to comment on. The first thing I notice is that the art looks like it is set up on a template. Everything is even and linear. It has a computer generated look, which lack excitement and allure. The images are nice, but they are whispering when they could be shouting “Pick me. I’m a great story.” I think the overall design needs some tweaking. The background would be more effective if it related more to the image (2 ways to achieve this is through subject matter and by placement on the cover). You might want to consider using colors that “pop” or at least a couple of colors that brighten the entire image. Work to make the image a untied image of individual parts. Right now, for me, the individual parts don’t fit seamlessly together for a variety of reasons. Can you add some movement to the cover. Diagonal, wavy, zigzag lines, more contrast in color and shapes are ways to achieve this. Don’t give up, you have a good start.

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