Chodos-Irvine, Margaret. Best Best Friends. Book Review.

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This is a perfect book for preschool and kindergarten children. Clare and Mary are best friends. They do everything together and love each other’s company. But, on Mary’s birthday she gets to be first in line, wear a golden birthday crown, and have a special cupcake. In a jealous moment, Clare is unkind to Mary and a fight ensues. The girls go their separate ways. After a while, Clare draws a birthday card for Mary and their friendship is repaired. When their parents come to take them home, the girls wave to each other and call, “See you tomorrow!”

The storyline is simple and relevant to children who attend day care or kindergarten and are venturing into a social world beyond their family. Each page has only a few words and the pictures are easy to understand.

Every child has squabbles with her best friend. This book will enable parents to discuss jealousy and hurtful remarks with their young child. It is important for children to understand that fights don’t have to be forever and there are ways you can repair a relationship.

The pictures are bright and simple collages with detailed patterns stamped on items of clothing with paint. With the simplest of lines and shapes, Chodos-Irvine portrays the girls’ happiness, anger, resentment, and acceptance.

It is easy to see why this charming little book is a Caldecott Honor Winner. Highly recommended.


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3 thoughts on “Chodos-Irvine, Margaret. Best Best Friends. Book Review.

  1. This particular book isn’t a Caldecott honour winner, though the Illustrator has been an honour recipient in the past, for another book:)


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