Hines, Anna Frossnickle. Rumble Thumble Boom. Book Review.

Click here to buy Rumble Thumble Boom! by Anna Grossnickle Hines (1992-08-01)

This is the story of a little boy and his dog Hercules who fear thunderstorms. No matter what his family tells him, the child is still afraid of the noise. When hiding under the bed doesn’t help, Hercules and the boy go to Daddy and Mommy. The boy climbs into bed but Mommy draws the line at having the dog in her clean sheets. The boy doesn’t want to abandon the dog. He convinces his parents to sleep with him on the old sofa bed with the old sheets. At the end he feels safe and secure tucked in between Daddy and Mommy.

Although the child is unable to accept the various explanations, some mystical and some scientific, of what makes thunder, no one in his family embarrasses, scolds, or belittles him. He is met with love and support. This would be a great book to read to a child who is afraid of storms or other natural events. (But be prepared to have the child in your bed.) It would stimulate a great discussion on fears, acceptance, and different viewpoints. The boy says “Herc and Daddy and Mommy and I all snuggled in. Now that feels cozy. Daddy groans. Mommy shivers.”

The illustrations are wonderful. The pages are black with white text. Large, three-dimensional, sound words in various colors show us how loud the thunder sounds. Pictures of the boy, his dog, and his parents are beautifully realistic without being cluttered. They seem to be done in pastels which give the scenes a muted night time feel.

A lovely family story.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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