Hundal, Nancy. Camping. Illustrated by Brian Deines. Book Report.

Everyone in the family has their own idea of the perfect vacation, museums and art galleries, fancy hotels, malls, arcades, and Disneyland. But, due to a lack of money, the family goes camping. Bit by bit the simple wonders of campfires, swimming in the lake, evening stars, cold drinking water, and doing absolutely nothing win over the family.

Nancy Hundal’s writing is beautifully poetic, “We feel the sun’s journey across our campsite. It taps her tent in the morning, pours like syrup warm and sick at noon. By evening, gentle fingertips of light massage the trees good night.” She gets across the silence and restfulness of the forest and the family’s connection to its simple, gentle beauty.

Brian Deines uses one and a third to full double page spreads for his illustrations. They look like oil paintings, some striking enough to belong in an art gallery. They capture the sense of gratitude and wonder perfectly.
This is a perfect picture book for anyone who’s ever said, “Why would you ever want to go camping?”



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