James Mayhew. Who Wants a Dragon? Illustrated by Lindsey Gardiner. Book Review.

This is a rhyming toddler book. The question, “Who wants a Dragon?” Is repeated several times in the book. The rhyming scheme holds throughout and it reads well aloud.

The witch doesn’t want him. Neither does the knight, Princess, King or Queen, or fairy. The sad, rejected Dragon is finally loved by his mommy.

The illustrations are bright, cute, and expressive. However, the Dragon was a red, roly-poly, polkadotted little charmer with a big grin. It made no sense for everyone to be afraid of him. I’m also not sure if giving the child/Dragon the message that the only person who will “love him just right” is his mother. No matter how friendly or sweet or gentle the Dragon is, no one else wants him. This is not a concept I would want to teach a child.