McBratney, Sam. Once There was a Hoodie. Illustrated by Paul Hess. Book Review.

Once There was a Hoodie is an odd little book much like the Hoodie itself. The Hoodie tries to make friends with the sheep, the cows, and the children, but they all run away. Finally he meets another Hoodie and they live happily ever after. The Hoodie looks like a combination of a rutabaga and a carrot. The story ends with the Hoodies sleeping under their hill for one hundred years.

There really isn’t much to the story. It’s basically a lonely Hoodie looking for friend. It could stimulate some discussion on how we judge others by their appearances. Mostly, though, it’s just a bit of silliness. The narration has a rhythmic chatty tone that would be fun to read aloud.

The illustrations by Paul Hess have an other world quality to them. The bug-eyed cows running from the Hoodie are funny and the Hoodie himself is a combination of bizarre and humorous.

Well recommended.



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