Creighton, Sarah. Clover’s Great Escape. Illustrated by Gene I. Hamilton. Book Review.

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This is the story of a sweet cow living in a harsh environment. One day she and her friends are herded onto a truck and headed to parts unknown. Clover feels, deep in her gut, that something terrible is going to happen to all of them. She escapes and lives the rest of her life in a farm sanctuary.

The author does not condemn meat eaters but raises questions that should be discussed about the treatment of animals and our methods for producing meat. She never uses the word slaughterhouse but it is apparent where the cows are headed.

The pictures are delightful, evocative, and humorous.

My biggest problem with this book is the vocabulary. I assume because of the style of the story and the pictures that it is targeted toward young children, however the author uses phrases such as, “the setting was far from ideal” and “lucky enough to incur the same fate”.

I also don’t think it was necessary to anthropomorphize the cow. The story could have been told from her point of view, without making her talk like a human, and still have impact.

The story is based on several true events of cows escaping the slaughterhouse. I would have liked to see some links to farm sanctuaries and other information on the subject.

Creighton handled an extremely difficult topic with tact and gentleness.


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