Melchers, Michael. Grace’s Garden. Illustrated by Anne Zimanski. Book Review.

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This book is more of a lesson than a story. It is the kind of text parent would pick to teach a child something. I don’t think many children would want to hear it more than once. The plot is a variation of Aesop’s The Grasshopper and the Ants.

Grace works hard in her garden throughout spring and summer and reaps the rewards in winter. Her friends, Chips and Lolly, play too much and are hungry coming winter. Grace shares her food with them.

The lesson is probably that hard work produces good results, but the author inadvertently may be telling children that they can depend on others to rescue them should they decide to waste their time and play instead of finishing their work.

The writing is overblown at times, for example it begins: “One precious morning, a small white rabbit named Grace woke to find a beautiful sunrise blanketing the hills.” Most of this is shown in the illustration and is unnecessary.
The illustrations in this book are absolutely delightful. They have a warm glow and the rabbits seem soft enough to pet.

Recommended with reservations.


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