Kempa, Maura. The Amazing world of Cats – Children’s Picture Book About Cats. Book Review

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The best part of this nonfiction book is the wonderful photographs. I don’t know if the author took all the photographs herself because there is no credit mentioned.

The book is broken into three sections: the cat family, our amazing bodies, and playing in showing affection. In simple words with accompanying photographs, the author explains how cat body parts can show their mood, and many other interesting facts.

I do think the actual writing needed to be checked by an editor before publication. For example, the story is written in first person from the point of view of a cat but occasionally broke this pattern. The author taught us the meaning of the words such as pupil, and then went back to calling it the black center of the eye. She wrote “We can see good at night” instead of we can see WELL at night. Some things are little unclear such as, “Whiskers help us to judge distance.” There are occasional slipups such as changes in verb tense.

However, most children who love cats will enjoy this book. It contains just enough information to hold their interest throughout.



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