Feiffer, Jules. Bark, George. Book Review.

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Bark, George is an hilarious little book. George’s mother cannot get him to bark. Her pup says meow, quack, oink, and moo, but never arf. She takes George to the vet who pulls out a cat, a duck, a pig, and even a cow. Finally George is able to bark. On the way home, George gives his mother another surprise.

Pictures are simple but highly expressive and comical. Two delightful illustrations are when George barks for the first time and when  George gratefully licks the vet for solving his problem.

Each page contains 1 to 3 sentences. There is one challenging word – latex. This book would be perfect to read to preschoolers or for early readers to enjoy themselves. It’s guaranteed to bring a lot of giggles. Children might like to discuss what other animals George could swallow and what other sounds he could make.

This book would translate well into an interactive oral storytelling. Children could provide the sounds. The adult can say, “Bark, George.” And the child could respond with an animal sound.

This book could easily become a bedtime favorite. Highly recommended.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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