Vald, Charles and Rachael Vald. 6 Fantastic Fun Picture Books – Space, Dinosaur, Princess and More. Illustrations by Gary Lucken. Book Review.

The first story is called Space. The teacher takes her class on an adventure to the moon. The story reminds me of the kinds of tales my students used to write in grade 5. As well, it needed an edit. On the very first page, and several times throughout the story, the authors use “class were” instead of class was. Other mistakes such as “she walked passed” instead of past pop up periodically.

The illustrations are cute, simple, cartoonish digital graphics. They also could have been done by a grade 5 student.

The second story is entitled There’s a Mouse in My House. It’s written in rhyme, which might have worked for the story if the beat had been more consistent. A naughty mouse keeps getting into things and making a mess. Mom wants Jeff, the son, to get the cat and catch the mouse. Unfortunately, sentence construction is confusing, “Get the cat, Jeff, he’s footballing the eggs.” Although the sentence indicates the cat is footballing the eggs, the illustration shows the author actually means the mouse is. The ending is strange. Jeff makes the mother apologize.

The third story is entitled Why Knights Don’t Save Princesses From Tall Towers Anymore. There are some humorous escapades. The vocabulary level is too high for children who might find this story interesting. The picture of the dragon is deeply disappointing.

I stopped reading at this point. You don’t have to eat the entire cow to know the meat is tough.

Not recommended.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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