Brierley, Saroo. A Long Way Home. Book Review.

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A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley is the most amazing memoir I have ever read. Saroo lived in India with his mother, baby sister, two brothers, and no father. They survived on the mother’s meager salary and what the children could beg or steal, severely malnourished and living with less than nothing. At five years old, Saroo was often responsible for taking care of his baby sister while the rest of the family scrounged essentials. It didn’t seem possible for things to get any worse, but they did.

Through a series of events, Saroo became lost in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Calcutta. The memoir shows us his remarkable survival and eventual adoption by an Australian couple. When Saroo was adult, Google maps became available and he began his search for his family. Saroo loved and appreciated his Australian parents but needed to know what happened to his other family. He also realized his biological mother never found out why he disappeared.

Even though the book begins with Saroo in India as an adult, seemingly on the verge of finding his mother, the reader is held in shocked suspense throughout the entire narration. What this tiny five-year-old child went through and how he survived it is unimaginable. His desire to reunite with his birth family is heart-wrenching.

The book is written in first person. The style is comfortable and the story would fascinate anyone from ages 12 to 100. I stayed up long into the night reading, unable to sleep until I knew whether he would find his birth family and who would still be alive. Highly recommended.


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