Stutson, Caroline. Cats Night Out. Illustrated by J. Klassen. Book Review.

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This book is filled with cool cats. It begins, “From the alley, music drifts. Shadows sway to a trumpet riff thought…” The dark city is lit up by Jazz sign as music notes drift through the air. Shows two cats dancing on a rooftop. “Two cats somber, dressed in white, on the rooftop Saturday night.” Each page continues in this pattern. Four cats boogie, six cats tango, eight cats tap, and so on. Each pair of cats dances in a different style and wears appropriate clothing. There are poodle skirts, red capes, bowler hats, and rhinestone boots. The rhyming couplet keep the beat. Cool cats are everywhere, fire escapes, heat exhaust pipes, streetlight poles, and more. Three times, Caroline Stutson writes, “In the city, Windows light. How many cats will dance tonight?” Finally the humans protest and the cats slip away. But the next night, music drifts on Easy Street and two cats waltzing in black half masks begin the Cats Night Out.

The illustrations by J. Klassen are done in gray, black, and brown with muted touches of color. They bring to mind the smoky, dark interiors of jazz bars. Every cat is completely lost in the dance.

Although there are a couple of tiny glitches in the beat of the rhyming couplets, this is a delightful book to read aloud. Any child who loves the mischievous nature of cats or is interested in dance will enjoy this book. A fun book that will be read more than once.

Highly recommended.


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