Willems, Mo. There Is a Bird on Your Head! Book Review.

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It is very difficult to find an early reading book that can hold a child’s interest. Mo Willems rivals Dr. Suess in a charming sense of fun. His book does not rhyme, but instead has a single sentence, sometimes a single word, on each page. The vocabulary could be handled by children in early first grade. It is a large book, at 57 pages, but a quick read.

It is the story of an elephant to has an unwanted bird, which expands to be two birds and a nest, on his head. The birds, elephant, and pig are simply drawn but the consternation of the elephant comes across clearly.

The book is laugh out loud funny. There are several moments where children will pause to enjoy the humor. The ending is satisfying and silly. Children will enjoy reading and rereading this book.

This book would be a cute Easter gift or springtime present for the beginning reader.

Highly recommended.


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  1. I know I would highly recommend any of Mo Willems books, especially the “Elephant & Piggie” ones. I just LOVE them, even when reading them to myself! lol 😀


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