A Useful Tool to Check Monthly

If you want to see how your blog is doing, or someone else’s, go to http://www.alexa.com/ and enter the site’s url. It will tell you something like my stats below:

 Global Rank  748,987 (Not bad for a new blog.)

 Rank in Canada   7,546 (Or whatever country your blog is in.)

Search engines take your ranking into account when posting results of a search.

Bounce Rate 18.10% (You want to be below 50%) This means what percent of viewers take a quick look and leave. (My author page at BonnieFerrante.ca is Bounce Rate 35.80% which means I need to offer more, like my blog, to get viewers to look at more pages.)

 Daily Page views per Visitor 19.00 (You want to be above 1)

Daily Time on Site 27:50 (That means viewers are reading several pages.)

It may also show Audience Demographics.

Then it will give you a map with stats. Audience Geography.

Where are this site’s visitors located?

Visitors by Country

Country           Percent of Visitors      Rank in Country    Canada 100.0%            (Obviously, I need to interest more Americans.)

If your global rank is >100,00, it will show you Search Traffic.

What percentage of visits to this site come from a search engine and Top Keywords from Search Engines.

Which search keywords send traffic to this site?

Then it shows What sites link to bferrante.wordpress.com?

 Total Sites Linking In 7 and lists them. (I need to build on this.)

This is also a valuable tool if someone wants to charge you to promote on their site. Are they worth the money? Not if their stats are lower than yours.

You can use it to find relevant sites that link into theirs.

Alexa.com doesn’t work for your facebook or twitter pages as they rate the whole site.

You can upgrade Alexa for a fee but they offer enough for free for most users. There is some question as to the accuracy of the statistics but I find it a useful way to track the success of my own blog.

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