Brandt, Kathy. Gigi and Her Girl. Book Review.

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Gigi and Her Girl is told from two points of view, a child who loves her dog and the dog Gigi. It switches back and forth and could be a little confusing for a child. The author used two different colors and two different styles of fonts to make it clear whose internal dialogue we are reading, but because the text is so small and active, it is difficult to see. It might also have been easier if the girl was given a name, like the dog.

The girl is quite young and treats the dog as though she is a doll, dressing her in wings and a sparkly gown, wrapping her in a blanket, and burying her in stuffed toys. It is apparent that the little girl loves Gigi but doesn’t realize that a dog is not a toy.

She is an adventurous, imaginative child. When Gigi prefers to be with the older sister, the little girl realizes she must treat the dog differently. This would be a perfect gift for a small child who is learning how to play properly with a pet. It shows the reader how a dog feels when he is forced into uncomfortable situations.
The illustrations are professional, soft and beautiful and filled with charm. However, the text lettering swirls and curves across the page. In combination with a small font size and unusual style, this might make it difficult for some children to read. This is my one reservation with an otherwise lovely book.

This book is suited to be read to children ages 4 to 7. Well recommended.

I received a free copy of this ebook in return for an honest review.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


3 thoughts on “Brandt, Kathy. Gigi and Her Girl. Book Review.

  1. First I have to say the colors on this cover are SO eye-catching and appealing! It’s unfortunate the font wasn’t considered in the way it probably should’ve been, but it sounds like its effect was TOO detrimental πŸ™‚ I do know that font is a HUGE factor in book design, and remember well, being told by an art director at Disney-Hyperion, how much attention is paid to that. Nice review, Bonnie. Thank you πŸ™‚


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