Fleming, Sheila. Hoppy The Bird Who Could. Book Review.

The cover of this book is quite lovely, a white dove carrying an olive branch in his beak. The story, and injured dove is healed by a kind person and released back into the wild, had promise. However, I was greatly disappointed with this book.

The story is written in clumsy rhyme. Not only is the rhyming inconsistent but so is the beat. A straightforward telling would have worked so much better. Here’s the first page:

“In a small town of Alabama, lived a bird named Hoppy.

His mother was a dove, and build her perch high with the nest.

Every day, she would bring him food and teach him how to “tweet” like the rest.

The nest was built from hay that the mother had gathered,

To protect Hoppy from the storms in the South, which the dark clouds had weathered.”

Sadly, it gets worse.

Then there are the illustrations. Yikes! These appear to be cut and pasted from a variety of sources. On the first page is a picture of two brown birds and two golden-tan birds on a flowering tree that is worthy of an Audubon book. On the next page, is a cartoon brown bird with a head bandage, arm in a sling, and crutch. Then, we see a blue, bulbous bird without the bandage and sling and with the other foot bandaged. It goes on in much the same vein, birds of different sizes shapes and colors supposedly all representing Hoppy. It boggles the mind to think anyone would try to sell this as a picture book.

Appalling. Absolutely not recommended. I can not give this book a single thumbs up.

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


2 thoughts on “Fleming, Sheila. Hoppy The Bird Who Could. Book Review.

  1. Oh, my! Sounds like poor judgement, Bonnie, and an unfortunate lack of knowledge about the world of children’s books and creating them 😦 It always saddens me when anyone invests their time, money (and sometimes heart) on something they don’t realize doesn’t work 😦


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