Second day of The Amida Tree free download

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Click here to buy The Amida Tree
Have you downloaded your free copy of  The Amida Tree yet? Two days left.

“A lovely and wise story about the earth’s resources all around us, which give life to ALL the living. A tree is life-giving, and this beautiful story shows us that our ecosystem is vital and sustains us. A thoughtful book to be read to children by their parents, and then discussed so that children will begin to see the beauty and life that surrounds them.”

“This story is beautifully told and touches your soul. We all should learn a deeper respect for nature and what it provides for us. What better way than through the dreams and hopes of a child. i look forward to reading this with my two young daughters.”

” This is a must for your young children’s teaching in every sense,”

“This book carries an important message about taking care of the world around us- the big and the small. It shows how there is always another solution to a problem besides hurting the wildlife and plants around us. This book talks about how one hurtful action can effect so many. A story worth reading for any age.”


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Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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