To Request a Critique of a Picture Book in Progress

I will critique an unpublished picture book, maximum 34 pages. I was a teacher-librarian for 10 years and an elementary school teacher for 23. I have always had a passion for children’s books and, after early retirement, finally have the time to write my own. I believe examining the work of others, even if it is not polished, can be a learning experience for me as well as of benefit to the writer. I will give a maximum of three suggestions for improvement


Please include the following:



Illustrator (If you have one.)

Number of Pages

Word count

Suitable age for readers

Your experiences in writing (courses, previous books, etc.) up to 500 words

Copy of the book in mobi or pdf format. Send to b.ferrante at tbaytel dot net

Please put “critique of ms” and the title in the subject line

Include pictures if you have them but don’t go over 12 MEGS please.

NOTE: You must be a follower to submit.


Submit one unpublished picture book or a picture book you have published but want to improve.

 You must be willing to have selections from your work cited on my blog.

It takes several hours to critique a manuscript. It seems authors want to know how to be successful but are often upset when told how they need to improve their work. Remember that I am trying to help you succeed.

This will be a critique, not an ego boost. I will give a maximum of three suggestions for improvement. If you’re looking for a pat on the back, don’t submit.  I will mention things I think you’ve done well in a single paragraph. If you’re looking for helpful, honest feedback, this is for you. You must be willing to accept my responses with grace. Do not write back to me defending your work or attacking me. If you do, I may decide to publish your unprofessional response for the world to see. (My criticism is constructive. I am not mean. This is to be an engagement of mutual respect.)

Take your time. I will only respond to your work once. Make sure it is the best piece of writing you can do before submitting.

Please comment on my critique post about how it has helped you and share it on all your social media platforms.

As a gesture of gratitude, I would appreciate things like this:

Feature a promo of mine on your blog if it scores below 1,000,000 globally on

Buy one of my books.

Become a follower and supporter by sharing several of my  facebook, pinterest, tumblr, and/or wordpress posts or retweet my tweets

If you live nearby, invite me to speak or read to your book club, children’s group, class, etc.

Here is an example of what you can expect.

Updated 2016-10-28

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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