Moss, Miriam – Don’t Forget I Love You – Illustrated by Anna Currey – Book Review


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This is the story of Billy bear who lives with his mother. He loves his toy stuffed Rabbit so much he does everything with it. He lives with his Mama patiently coax the same to hurry in the morning, washes pars, it is breakfast, get dressed, brush his teeth, and put on his boots and coat. But on the way to nursery school, Billy spills his lunch and they arrived late. Mama drops Billy off and rushes off to work. Heartbroken Billy realizes two things. He can’t find his toy Rabbits and his Mama didn’t say “I love you,” which she always says. Suddenly Mama returns with Rabbit, a hug, and the perfect words,” I forgot to say I love you.”

Working mothers will love this story. It reminds us that we need to be patient with our little ones no matter how hectic our own lives and that the most important thing to our children is our love. As long as a child knows he is loved, he can handle almost anything. Rituals help a child feel secure and nothing is more important than the ritual of saying goodbye in a consistent, reassuring way.

The illustrations by Anna Currey, are in ink and watercolor. They are as soft and warm as the bears themselves.

Highly recommended.


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