Gordon, David – The Three Little Rigs – Book Review

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This is one of the more unique adaptations of The three Little Pigs I have read. A yellow, a blue, and a red rig set out on their own. David Gordon explains what tools and materials are used by each rig to build their own garage. The blue one uses wooden planks which are knocked down by the big, bad wrecking ball. The second uses stone blocks, which are also knocked down by the big, bad wrecking ball. The third rig uses steel beams to build his garage. The wrecking ball is unable to knock it down but returns with the mean magnet and the cruel cutter. In the end, the three villains are thrown into the melting pot.

Children who are interested in building and big machines will love this book. It is engaging, clever, and informative.

The illustrations are clear, bright, and strike a perfect balance between simplicity and detail. Although the main characters are machines, Gordon manages to infuse them with expression. The double-page spreads have the feeling of a movie screen, understandable since Gordon has worked for Pixar and other companies. I think they are digitally drawn. There are number of pages with interesting perspectives and shading is used well to provide mood.

Since the child, hopefully, already knows the story, the tension is reduced. But, Gordon arouses our curiosity as to how the formidable villain will be defeated. I would’ve liked the sentence explaining why the wrecking ball wanted to destroy all the garages. In the original version, we know that the big bad Wolf is hungry.

Well recommended.


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