Crews, Donald – Night at the Fair – Book Review

The book begins at the main gate of a fair where people are lining up to buy tickets and are drawn by the lure of the bright lights. With the black background, the watercolor pictures pop, especially the yellow and white lights. The individual faces could have had more detail and expression on several of the pages. Each double spread illustration gave a clear idea of the exuberance and clutter of the fair.

The story was lacking. Basically, we are taken on a tour of the sites at the fair. There is no central character to follow. There is absolutely no tension in the story at all. It feels more like a collection of drawings than a storybook. It could be used to build a child’s excitement before his first trip to the fair, but otherwise it’s the kind of book that would be looked through once with mild interest.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages